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Our emu shop offers emu products such as leather garments, carved and non-carved eggs, therapeutic oils cosmetics, soap, feathers and emu meat. Ice-creams, cool drinks, tea and coffee are also available.

All of the following products are available at our shop located on-site at the farm. All prices are GST inclusive.
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100% Emu Oil

Emu oil is derived from emu fat and in early years was being used by the Aborigines for healing and pain control long before British ships landed on the eastern shores of Australia.

Recently the Australian Department of Health classified emu oil as a pharmaceutical product and registered emu oil in the Therapeutic Goods Registry. Finally an official Australian gobvernment publication stated "the oil (emu) will find uses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries".

Emu oil is said to be nature's "perfect emollient". It is a superb transdermal carrier that promotes healing from the inside out.

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  • Emu Oil is a natural product with diverse applications and is available for consumers of all ages.
  • Emu Oil has been shown to thicken the skin making it a natural anti-aging agent.
  • Emu Oil contains high levels of omega-6 & Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Emu Oil is employed to promote faster healing on burn patients.
  • Emu Oil significantly reduces recent keloid scarring.
  • Multiple conditions can be improved by using Emu Oil without side effects.
  • Emu Oil is used topically and is taken in capsule form.
  • Emu Oil is a healthy, complex, topical or ingestible oil, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory and is transdermal. In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it reduces bruising and muscle pain.
  • Emu Oil is a skin penetrating enhancer which exhibits anti-inflammatory and significant wound healing activity. Professional sports trainers and players recognize the benefits of emu oil.
  • Emu Oil is a natural, environmentally friendly product.
  • Excellent anti-antiflammatory used topically or taken in capsule





1 ltr

100 capsules

120 capsules


Lip Balm (B-Emuzed)- a rich oil based balm that nourishes and protects the lips from sun and wind.


Paige's Balm (B-Emuzed) - a soothing balm with 40% emu oil and calendula oils.


Pain Relief Rub (B-Emuzed) - a warm blend of essential oils that offers temporary relief to aches in joints and muscles.


Hot Rub (Mt Romance) - a penetrating rub that can be applied to stiff and sore joints and muscles.


True Blue Moisturiser (B-Emuzed) - A pleasant light cream that can be used for day and night, suited for under make-up and for all skin types.


Mango Cream Moisturiser (B-Emuzed) - A light, non-greasy, fragrant moisturiser to use with relish!


Lavender Body Lotion (B-Emuzed) - a non-greasy stimulating cream that will revitalise the skin, leaving it glowing and pampered. Very effective for dry skin and after sun care.


Soap - This non-fragrant hand-make soap has been especially formulted with natural oils for sensitive and dry skin. Can be used as a shampoo.


Feathers - Emu feathers sold by the kilo - unsorted

per kilo

Feathers - Emu feathers sold by the kilo- Sorted

per kilo

Meat - Please refer to the meat page.

per kilo

Leather - Leg and Body - POA


Eggs Plain - Eggs are available for carving or ..Click here for sample carving pictures.


Chicks, Yearlings and Adult Emus - see Live Birds (Only within Australia)

Eggs Fertile (Only within Australia)


Eggs Carved - as available at the shop - various prices.



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